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Staying Beautiful in the Midst of Your Busy Life

 I am jealous of you beautiful stay at home moms who get to take care your children all the time and maybe go to the gym a couple times a week and really COOK and pay attention to what is going into your families bodies. I am envious of you working moms that seem to have it all together and never leave  the house without your hair perfectly flat ironed and dinner in the crock pot and laundry put away all done before being on time to clock in to your 8 oclock job.  No matter what we do, no matter how perfect we try to make everything we will always look at the other ladies in the car line that are in the cool MOM group (you know the ones.

Choosing the right stylist for you

Choosing the right stylist can be a really hard job.  Before I became a stylist I went to numerous salons trying to find the "right" person to satisfy my beauty needs and believe me I kissed a lot of frogs before I met my prince, if you know what I mean.  And just when I found the right person, it seemed like they would switch salons and I would never hear from them again!  AGGGGHHH!!!  I know the feeling of getting ditched by your stylist.  Here I hope to help you decide who and where is the right place for you.

If you don't know now you know's little lesson is going to be about fashion colors. YOU KNOW..them colors you all wanta do but are afraid of. We have been seeing a lot of those lately..cobalt green. These are by far the most fun and craziest things to do. Have you been thinking about it? is what you need to think about. Can you pull it off? This is by far the most asked question..and my answer is is always..of course!! However..get ready..cause you gonna get some attention. All you girls or guys that aren't ready to be head doesn't necessarily mean that you can not do it. Get your stylist to do some peek a boo colors. They can be camouflaged and are not so in your face. But hey..If you like to make a statement then go for it. It's always easier to do shorter hair but if you consult with your stylist and they think your hair can stand it go for it. But you need to know a few things.  First..almost always your stylist is going to have to pre lighten your hair. This is done with lightened or what you non hair people call bleach. This can be damaging if not done correctly.  Second..unnatural hair color particularly fashion colors tend to fade a lot quicker than normal colors. So expect more of an upkeep. This can be helped by using sulfate free shampoo and dry shampoo to prolong the time in between washes. Third..This is usually a process. And by a process I mean a two or three or four step process depending upon the condition of your hair and the end result you expect to pay more for it especially if you do an all over high fashion color. Also..don't do it if you are a banker. Or if you are a teenager and your school prohibits unnatural hair colors. Because although these colors tend to fade..they are normally more difficult to strip out right after they are done. I am lucky to my own boss and I work in an industry that the crazier I look the cooler I am..haha. However expect to be judged. Expect 75 year old ritzy women to do a double or a triple take when they walk past you. But also expect to carry your stylists cards around with you cuz a lot of people are gonna want to know who does your hair!! Cuz let's face it..If you have blue hair you have got to be cool. And it's Spring time..The perfect time to ha e Easter egg colored hair! It's if you are bold..If you have that personality that just goes with multi colored hair..If you work somewhere that allows it and you have read this blog and know ahead of time the pros and cons...GO FOR IT! Hope this helps you make up your mind..cuz if you don't know now you kniw!! MUAH!!

Welcome to the NEW YOU

Here we are..into a New Year..2014!!!!  WOW..Can you believe it?!  Everyone sets New Years Resolutions but not everyone sticks to them.  We take a good hard look at ourselves and see what areas we need to improve on, but do we ever take a step back and see what we can accept?  I'm not talking about throwing in the towel and never trying to improve on ourselves but rather I am  talking about looking at ourselves in new light.  Do you ever look in the mirror and say,"Great job (insert your name here)..Keep it up!"  or "Daaaannnnnggg  (insert your name here)!!  You really look great!!"!  I know..I know..this is a new concept for New Years Resolutions but I want to challenge you to make NOT being so hard on yourself YOURS this year. When we start to accept ourselves for who we are and stop having such a negative self image things magically start to happen.  People start treating us better because we respect ourselves more.  We actually look better because instead of covering up what we see as our flaws we look to enhance what we have been BLESSED with.  Instead of always going on a roller coaster diet we want to be healthy..I mean when you start to actually like that person staring back at you in the mirror you want to take care of them.  You become a less critical but more confident YOU in every aspect of your life.  Do you compare your life to your neighbors?  STOP.  Do you compare your body to your friends or even worse to some heavily touched up picture of a celebrity in a magazine?  Stop.  Do you ACCEPT your self as the perfect creation God has created?  START NOW!  This does not mean that you don't take care of yourself or that you cannot seek a change in the way you look.  This just means that you are not going to bully yourself anymore!!!  Remember, God said "YOU ARE WONDERFULLY MADE".  I found a Sunday School teaching of this my son had brought home and it inspired me for today's blog.  I thought to myself, "WOW!!  Especially this time of year, doesn't everyone need to be reminded of this?!"!!  So in 2014 I challenge you to eat healthy, exercise, take care of your hair, skin and nails not because you want to be someone else but because you LOVE who you are...This is not vanity or being conceited friends.  This is called self respect.  Take care of yourself this year inside and your family, friends, job and YOU enough to do this.  

To Cut or NOT To Cut

OK....So I decided to blog this one because I recently decided to pull a crazy celebrity moment and chop off my ponytail.  I have contemplated doing this for a long time. You know..we all need a change but struggle with the decision when you get emotionally attached to your length.  I, as a hairstylist, NEVER thought I would be the one to get attached to my length but alas I did.  I have been talking about doing the big CHOP for at least a year.  Finally after some nagging from one of my co-workers that I was all talk,  I did it.

Beautiful Skin is IN

My area of expertise is HAIR...However being in this industry you do pick up a thing or two about skin. A lot of my close personal friends have been having skin troubles as they become adults. I always heard that if  you do not have skin problems as an adolescent chances are you will as an adult. I dont know how true it is but it has certainly become true in my case and the case of many of my friends. So what do we do about it? Here's a few things right off the bat to think about adding to your beauty routine. #1..Absolutely NEVER sleep with your makeup on. Some of us become lazy with ourselves after taking care of our jobs, our kids, our house etc..and at the end of the night we pass out on the couch with makeup still fully intact. This is a HUGE no no!! As you sleep the oils from your makeup creeps deeper and deeper into your pores causing clogging and (ick) those huge swollen under the skin bumps that dont pop. You know the ones that are just juicy infection..I know gross,right?! Always take the time to get your makeup off with some makeup wipes and follow with a cleanser specifically for your skin type. Or if you are having problems with acne a salicylic facial wash that will help fight off those nasty little buggers!!  #2..Find the right makeup for your skin. A lot of us become more sensitive as we age to certain ingredients in makeup. The best place to get makeup and advice on makeup is..wait for it...A PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP COUNTER OR MAKEUP ARTIST. Not the CVS people. Even if you only go one time to get advice on the type of makeup to use and the colors that right for your skin DO IT. Im not gonna totally dis drugstore makeup..everyone knows I lovey Rimmel mascara!! Lol.. But what works for one doesnt necessarily work for everyone. Let a professional guide you in the right direction. #3...Moisturize. I know...some of you are saying its not necessary..Im greasy already..whatever your we age we lose elasticity in our skin. Gravity begins to win and we end up with WRINKLES. The only way to prevent the natural aging process is to moisturize our skin. There are a lot of great products out there that is not gonna break the budget. Try some samples..again ask the girl at the makeup counter. There is a variety of moisturizing products for all skin types including oily skin. #4..Allow your skin to breathe some times. You know are beautiful without two inches of makeup piled on your face. Going without makeup For a day gives your pores time to breathe allowing impurities to surface. Piling makeup on all the time pushes impurities deep into your pores where you trap it there. This is where they fester up causing a big ole zit.  Bringing me to #5..DONT PICK. For goodness sakes leave them things alone when they come up!! YES..sometimes you do need to release that pressure when a zit feels full. Get the dermatologist to do it..go ask your facial girl to do it. Or if you feel you have no other choice but to POP that zit..use the balls of your fingers NOT your finger nails. Your fingernails cause damage to the surrounding tissue which is the leading cause for acne scars. Push gently..and when it does sure to disinfect the area, tone your face, and apply a spot treatment to that area...Now Im not claiming to be the leading expert on skin care yall.  im just reinforcing what your Momma shoulda taught ya..and if she didnt maybe its cuz  nobody taught her so go do it!! She will thank you I promise. Look on pinterest for Some recipes for some great scrubs and I have heard great things about the  aspirin masque treatment on there. Thank God for technology huh?! If you need more help just reach out and ask GOOGLE!  FaithLove&Beauty yall!!

What's AGE got to do with it?!

As a hair stylist, one of my least favorite questions to get from a client is "Am I too old for that hairstyle?".  I mean what am I supposed to say? "Yes ole cannot get away with that at your age!!"  UMMM  NOOO...that would not go over too well.  Also though when it comes to your hair, I believe that wearing something cute and trendy  makes an older woman look much younger.  I mean either way, I have to choose my words carefully.  Here's my rule:  when choosing your hairstyle take into consideration your lifestyle and your personality.  I'm a hairstylist so at the ripe age of thirty something, if I chose to put hot pink into my hair, it is acceptable.  Everybody expects their stylist to do something crazy with their hair (and I do!)!  However, not everyone expects to walk into their lawyers office and see their lawyer with a hot pink mohawk!!!  However AWESOME I may think that would be, especially down here in the South, that would scare off more than a few  clients if you were that lawyer!!  If you work in an environment where you would get into trouble for having wild hair, don't do it.  However if you have a job where you can get away with anything and you have that special personality that pink hair is just "YOU", go for it.  I had a client who was in her 60's and she was very "artsy"...her hair is short and a little spiky with a bit of a modern mullet going on in the back..bright red with highlights...some of you are going  OMG....but I'm telling you she looks ADORABLE.  She is feisty and spunky and when you see her come into the room SHE is wearing the hair--the HAIR  doesn't wear her.  Your stylist should be able to give you something youthful, and something with a little flare, and personalize the style so it is taylored  just for you. Your color should match your skin tone ....that is something you yourself may need a little help with.  A lot of super ashy color on a fifty something lady may age her if it's not done the right way.  But I will tell you as a stylist, sometimes you just have to give people what they want.  My Mother is no exception to  She is an older woman with a youthful heart and she wore platinum blonde spiky hair for the longest time before I could finally convince her to put a little warmth back into her blonde!!!   And she sent me a lot of referrals with that like I said before, personality takes over and rocks that look!!!  Now, when you are talking about clothes, I read an article once that I pretty much live by when it comes to being appropriate...It pretty much said this:  When you are in your 20's  live it.  Wear your skirts mini and rock some cleavage when you go to the club cuz this time in your life is short lived.  You are hot, young, and prob not full of responsibility yet so you can prob get away with pretty much anything...and that is why most of us hate!!!  Now you are approaching your 30' are prob taking some of those halter tops to Goodwill.  Now you can still be sexy..just don't bare it all.  In your 30's and 40's wear a shorter skirt but cover up those ta-ta's when you go out. Or if you want to wear a sexier shirt, pair it with a nice pair of skinny jeans.  You don't want the PTA mom seeing you out at a restaurant baring it all and telling all the other mom's in your kids kindergarten class how you looked like a streetwalker!  50's and up..Show off your best assets..and when I say show it off, I don't mean bare it for the world to see. No one wants to see their Grandmother in a pair of daisy dukes.  And stay out of the juniors section PLEASE!!  Just because you want to be trendy does not mean you should shop with the teenagers.        Now I know sometimes its hard to accept that some things are just inappropriate but when you get to a certain age, sometimes it just is.  Wear your hair and clothes to make you feel good about you and others will notice.  When you look classy and trendy at the same time you will own the room when you walk in.   And  stilettos may not feel good...but let's face it.  They are sexy on everyone when paired with the right outfit so wear them out and make your legs look longer and thinner.  That's all I got today peeps...look good, feel good, and have STYLE!!!  Peace and Love!!!

Have FAITH...a message for our future

I felt compelled to talk about this today because we use this word so much in the salon.  I felt like it was the perfect time to talk about FAITH considering I just celebrated my one year as owner of the salon and graduation just happened and there are a lot of frightened teenagers out there probably thinking "OKAY...what do I do with the rest of my life?!"!! Have FAITH in YOUR salon is our motto after all. We say we must have faith in each other. We say we must have faith in our clients. We say we must have faith in ourselves and our talent. I have the word FAITH hanging high on our wall back where our sinks are to remind our clients  what we are all about at the salon.  So many times we use this word but it applies to so much in our lives. Faith means by definition the firm belief in something for which there is no proof:  complete trust:  something that is believed especially with strong convictions.  In the Bible in Ephesians it says "For by GRACE you have been saved through FAITH. And it is not your own doing; it is the gift of God".  However it also says in James "You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone".  Whatever your spiritual belief may be, believe this: it is good to have FAITH. It is good to believe in something.   And FAITH is a gift. But don't be foolish...don't wait on something to happen. Having faith doesn't mean that you just sit around; YOU make it happen. I don't ask you to have faith in our salon because it is an empty request. I hope that our works show you that you can put your faith in us when it comes to your beauty needs.  We strive everyday to be successful in our business and that's why I have faith that we will succeed.   One of my girls received a $100 tip the other day when she really needed it because of her good work.  Another received a gift that she had been actually really wanting from one of her clients because her client said "I just wanted to bless you today!". In our world we push so much to believe in things that only you can prove.   Through good works and faith good things have happened to us. My message for the young people of America is to have faith and YOU can prove it.  Work hard and believe that your future is bright.  Act like you're something and people will treat you like you are.  Get your mind right. I know this is a lot of one liners- mostly things my DAD has always said to me and I didn't believe until it proved to be true.  I always had faith that life would bless me and it has. NO I am not rich and famous and worry free, but I am living my dream.  I have a wonderful family and support system.  I have a team full of talented women and friends that love working and sharing together.  My dream fell into my lap because I believed it would happen and I worked hard.  I just celebrated my one year anniversary owning Shear Faith Style Studio and although it has been hard work, I wouldn't have it any other way.  So LIVE your dreams: Make it happen people.  And congratulations Graduates of 2013!!!!  Good luck Ya'll!!!!

Oscar Hair..Flip or Flop?

Did everyone watch the Oscars?  I have to admit that I opted out..I mean I think paying our celebrities millions of dollars should be enough of a pat on the back..LOL!  However, I DO look forward to seeing everyone dressed up and looking their best...I don't pay much attention to the neck down but prefer to check out all the special occasion hair and makeup which just so happens to be one of my favorite things to do.  I want to start out with one of my faves...CHARLIZE THERON.  I mean, could you be any more beautiful?

My Story and Tips for the day

I decided to share with you my story so everyone could understand why I have decided to start a beauty blog and also answer everyones question: Why did you name the salon Shear Faith Style Studio?
I am now a mother of two beautiful little boys and wife to a wonderful husband. When I first entered this industry I was single and ready for anything life had to throw at me. I was also very self absorbed and didnt realize it until I had my kids...My dream was always to own my place. I never thought I may actually make it happen but I have.
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Staying Beautiful in the Midst of Your Busy Life
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